The Project

What are we up to? 

Our main goal is to give the transgender community a tool to be represented and tell their own stories. We want the books to be a starting point and not an end point. In our ideal plan, they’ll be a conversation trigger.
For this reason we want to:

1. Publish the book!
To publish the book, we’re launching an online fundraiser. All the money will go into the self-publishing of the book. We want to stay as independent as possible, and this is why we’re going to self-publish. Through the fundraiser, you can either pre-order a book or just donate something. If you can’t contribute to the fundraiser, SHARE our campaign on your social media!

2. Translate the stories in various languages.
Not only English-speaking children need stories representing their experiences… Do you speak more than a language and want the books to reach your local community? Contact us and we’ll see if we can arrange a translation!

3. Share the stories locally!
We have been sharing the stories locally through a readers’ theatre. A readers’ theatre is a performance in which four or five people read the stories, impersonating the characters in the stories. The performances increase the audience’s empathy towards the characters, and understanding of their joys and struggles. If you want to have the readers’ theatre coming to your local organisation, contact us!

4. Create a discussion guide
Usually, children are not the ones having problems to discuss gender diversity. Adults on the other hand, often don’t know how to talk about transgender and gender diversity issues. With this discussion guide we want to help adults answer ‘difficult’ questions posed by children and provide examples on how to start a reflection on the book’s content.