The Stories

The book is a collection of six stories aimed at children between the age of 5 and 12. [Although some people say that they’re for children aged 5 to 99]

The stories focus on the lived experiences of transgender children, parents and siblings. The collection, read together aims at providing members of the transgender community with different narratives and examples. For this reason we are also collecting a seventh story about non-binary people before publishing the book!

The stories were collected by students of an applied anthropology course at the SIUE university in 2014. After interviewing members of the local transgender community on which stories they would have liked to have as children and their own experiences, the students wrote the stories.

All the stories are written from the perspective of the children that either live the world as a gender non-conforming person, or see their parents’ transition. Some of the themes touched upon by the stories, are: standing up for someone who’s being bullied, being supportive of your siblings and/or friends and the fear of surgery.

* One of the stories will be published as a separate cardboard book, since it’s a story for children under the age of 5.